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4 Test Revision

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Schedule of lessons for week of Mar 8-12


Mar 8-12

HL class


SL class

Mon Wed Fri   Tue Wed Thurs



1-Gene linkage data problem, p 152 & 153 (Tiger) 

Complete "polygenic traits" and review 

Summative - Genetics (Ch 4 & 10)  


2-Review assignments 

Summative - Genetics (Ch 4) 


Restriction enzyme simulation of Lambda DNA


Red book, p 282 #1-6

Green book, p 95 #1-3

Tiger, p 157 #1-5

Tiger, p 167 #1-7 


Tiger p133 #1-6 (meiosis)

Tiger p159: Data based question (top) 

Tiger p167 #1-7 (biotechnology)


On worksheet: front- complete gel picture;

back- draw map of chormosome length fo double digest by EcoRI and Hind III -AND- draw triple digest by all 3 enzymes; two maps on back.  Due Tuesday.






























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