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HL Genetics Revision and SL Ecology Intro

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Schedule of lessons for week of Mar 29-31


Mar 29-31

HL class


SL class

Mon Wed Fri   Tue Wed Thurs
Objectives   Next week Monday HL will have genetics test.  Be ready!!       Next week, SL will do the transformation lab on Tue-Wed-Thur  

      Written answers to objectives in 5.1    
Lesson Prac 12-Restriction enzyme simulation      

1)  Defintions from chapter

2) Earthworm movie

3) Dan Barber on TED:  "Fish Love"

4) Make a food web - IB style

Practical (see above)            

1) complete double digest diagram (showing lengths and cuts)

2) draw 4th lane on gel diagram for "double digested" Lambda DNA

3) Complete OSC genetic review:

p.65# 48a & 48b

p.79 #54 and 55

4) Complete written answers for assessment statements: 

10.1.4 and 10.3.2



1)  Complete food web

2) Textbook p88 #28-33 and 1; p89 #9






























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