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Go to NOAA's Paleoclimatology website and database portal and select one of the paleoclimatology research methods (ie. tree rings, fauna, etc.)


1.  Explain to me (and your classmates) your climatology research method:

a) Briefly describe your climatology research method

b) State the data your method collects.

c)  State one climate dimensions that cannot be determined by your climatology research method.

d) Provide at least one diagram/image of "data" gathered your way (like the image of tree rings for studying climate with trees).

    • Discuss how the data is interpreted to determine the climate.

e) Explain the relationship between the data and climate.

    • How changes in climate (like increase in average temperature) affect the dimension you are measuring (like tree ring width)


2.  Discuss your own summary of the information you found.

  • Describe what the data shows.
  • Discuss how this agrees or disagrees with popular understanding of global warming.
  • Describe are problems (negative aspects) of the popular discussion of global warming.
  • Discuss your personal persepctive on global warming and support your conclusion with referenced evidence (at least 3 references).


*please reference your images and information; URLs are fine


Do this in a word processing document. 

When it is complete, please share it with me in a Google Doc.  Name the Google Doc:  B_paleoclimatology_name



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