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386  State that ATP and hydrogen

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ATP and hydrogen (derived from the photolysis water) are used to fix carbon dioxide to make organic molecules.

-Hydrolysis is the process where water is split.

the hydrogen ion from this process is combined with carbon dioxide to form organic compounds (sugar).


-ATP energy given by the sun is used to form a bond between the carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

these three atoms together can form lipids and carbohydrates.

-Carbon dioxide is used to make a wide range of organic substances.

the conversion of carbon in a gas to carbon in solid compounds is called carbon fixation

This makes plants remarkable because they are able to manufacture all of their own organic molecules, inlcluding the basic ones required for for all living things.


helpful link: http://hrsbstaff.ednet.ns.ca/sdosman/Higher%20level%20BIO/photosynthesis3.8notes.htm <section 3.8.6>

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