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G-2-2 Calculate Gross and Net Production

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G.2.2 Calculate values for gross production and net production using the equation:  gross production – respiration = net production


Gross production: The total energy or nutrients assimilated by organism, population, or community.


Net Production: The assimilation rate - the amount of matter lost through respiration 



Gross production is harder to measure than net because respiration is a continuous process that takes in the products of primary production before measured.


Both gross and net primary production are in units of mass / area / time.



Net Primary Production= Gross primary production- respiration (by plants)



Ex) Given that:

                    Gross production = 809 kJ m^-2 yr^-1

                             Respiration = 729 kJ m^-2 yr^-1




                                   809-729= 80

                         Net production= 80 kJ m^-2 yr^-1


Human appropriation of net production


Distribution of net production



Information :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Primary_production

Picture: http://www.civilizationsfuture.com/ecosystem.html

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Jay said

at 1:15 pm on Aug 24, 2010

Terry; you defined the terms but have not explained, with examples, what gross production is. Graphics have potential but it is not clear what they represent; titles are inadequate.