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PSOW-4-Investigating SA-V with agar and diffusion

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Practical 4 (SA/V)


Purpose: Determine affect of SA/V ratio on diffusion out of “cells”

Criteria:  DCP (formative )

Length:   1 hour (max)

Date (time): 

Cohort: 2013 exams




Use conductance as ions leach from agar cubes to determine affect of SA/V on movement in/out of "cells"




  • add 12 g powdered agar per Liter of distilled water
  • heat while stirring continuously
  • add 100 g NaCl per Liter and mix
  • heat until agar is clear - not cloudy or until boiling
  • remove from heat and stir for 5 minutes
  • pour into dishes and pans




[developed by students]



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