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EE in Biology

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IBO EE guide


•EE topic ideas     •EE writing guide (from IB)     •CSE format:  example 1; example 2; citation ex. 1



CJ Baek          Jane Choi          Meena Huh          Elizabeth Jeon          Michael Oh


Required steps in the process for writing EE in biology at GSIS

DP Semester 1

  1. Select subject for your EE
    1. Approach teacher and get signature
  2. Advisor will ask to meet with you individually and as groups
  3. Brainstorm topics; come up with 5 ideas



DP Semester 2

Note: one week before deadline "substantial evidence" of progress toward the deadline must be presented to your Biology EE advisor.  Insubstantial evidence of progress means your advisor will require your presence in the lab to complete the assigned work on time.


  1. "Annotated bibliography" using CSE guidelines due:  April 1, 2011
    1. "pre" deadline:  March 28 (Monday after Spring Break

    2. read and choose minimum of 8 references related to your topic

      1. ≥ 2 website

      2. ≥ 2 reference book, like Handbook of Chemistry (CRC manual), Sourcebook of Biological Science, Practicals in Advanced Biology, etc. 
      3. ≥ 2 major textbooks (like Campbell's Biology, Advanced Biology)
      4. ≥ 2 journal articles from separate journals (New Scientist via EBCO, PNAS, etc) 
    3. Each reference must have beneath it (on "Works Cited")
      1. ≥ 100 word summary of resource 
        • summarize information
        • note to your self where this material may fit into your paper
        • extract the conclusion
        • especially reference technical data that you may need later in your paper (like frequency of max chlorophyll absorbance, etc.)
      2. ≥ 2 separate quotes copy and pasted or transcribed from the text  
        • these are part of the 100 word summary, but make them valuable! No blah-blah-blah 
    4. CSE formatted bibliography (you can number and sequence them later)
    5. Put outline of paper IN FRONT of bibliography (according to Student Guide: Extended Essays in Biology
    6. Electronic copy submitted to teacher via Turnitin.com
    7. submit BEFORE you begin experimental work 
  2. Introduction work must be finished due:   May 2, 2011 -

    1. 500 words (more is fine; not less!)

    2. Should include:

      1. Explain important ideas the reader needs to understand; to do this you will have some references to textbooks or references.

      2. Briefly describe similar or related experiments to give the reader important related information that your experiment will build on; to do this you need to have some references to other experiments you describe whose information precedes your own lab work.

      3. Since you will be doing an experiment, you will need to check (and reference) similar experiments to find a good method for collecting how to get your data. 

    3. Pretend you are giving the examiner a tour of your experiment.

      1. They will want to know: where did you get this idea?

      2. How did you narrow down to this experiment?  

      3. What made you interested in this topic?   

      4. What is the scientific context for this topic?   

      5. Why is this topic valuable to learn about?   

      6. What do you expect to find out or understand after doing this experiment?

  3. Experimental work must be finished due:  May 23, 2011

    1. "pre" deadline:  May 16

    2. Raw data due before May 1 (workers of the world unite!)

    3. Significant data processing due before May 14



DP Semester 3

During the summer you are expected to be writing your EE.  Spend 1-2 hours a day and you will have it done in 2 weeks!


  1. Complete Rough draft due: September 9, 2011 (28 days after school starts)

    1. Formatting should be according to EE guide

    2. Table of contents required

    3. Citation must be in CSE format

    4. Bibliography must be in CSE format

    5. Data must be present in tables

    6. Processing must be completed

    7. All sections to be present 





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