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3 6 Enzymes

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Essential Question: 

How does an objects structure relate to its function?

Interdisciplinary / TOK links:         

How can we measure and describe what is invisible?              

Learning Objectives:

3.6 & 7.6 (HL) & C.2 (SL) (see DP Biology Subject)


  1 •  3.6 (all)
•  overview enzymes for students
  1. Introduce students to "prep writing." At beginning of period students will receive writing prompt by email and must write over 200 words on that prompt within the first 5 minutes of class.
  2. Show an EGG to class. (see notes in lesson book)
  3. Introduce immediate topic: ENZYMES (3.6, 7.6 & C.2)
  4. Show egg to students.  Discuss what egg contains and what it will do over 21 days [ie. raw protein and lipids organized to make all structure of a chicken.]
  5. Teach using presentation.

a) read Clegg p 52 - 62.

b) read Senior Biology p 69 - 76.

[See sidebar first]

enzyme overview (simple)

Enzymes tutorials (detailed)

enzymes work together

enzyme inhibition by products

Jan 12

 • tie "enzymes" to larger biology context (viz ext. response question on tests)

  1. Writing prompt:  "write about enzymes and metabolism"
  2. Review important points that MAY be in a students writing for the prompt above.
  3. Connections:  Thinking back to "cells" and "biochemistry" and "statistics," what are possible test questions requiring synthesis / BIG questions / 9 point "extended response" questions?
  4. Place to consider integrating questions is "Sci News" on front page of wiki...
  5. Warning:  Point out that "lactase" will not be taught; students must learn it [do this explicitly].  Note for students what assessment statements they should do independently.
  6. Do Clegg p 55 lab (iodine solution & amylase & starch - as a design lab first ... 



• Correlation = cause? Fat tummy shrivels your brain



  1. In class write: "Make connections between metabolism and something you have read OUTSIDE of science class."


Practical from Clegg p 55


Perform experiment investigating 1 factor affecting enzyme activity
  1. Briefly review potato catalase /H2O2 procedure.
  2. Students select pH or Temp and perform experiment in groups, collecting common data.

Catalase from potato lab

Students complete writeup due Monday, next.  DCP assessed summatively; CE assessed formatively.

  5 Continue enzyme prac (total time = 3 hours with extra hours slot used for prac)





  6 Enzymes in metabolic pathways
  1. Write "How is cytoplasm of a cell like - and unlike - the atmosphere of the earth?"
  2. Activity:  Students line up single file; each uses only two fingers; hand first student a beaker and they pass it down the chain. 
    • modify (1) by removing substrate; (2) "competitively inhibit" one enzyme]
  3. Outline "enzyme inhibition" for students.
  4. Show antibiotics as "enzyme inhibitors" and see journal article with specific examples in translation.  See also Wikipedias good description of ribosome differences in pro vs euk cells.
  5. Closing write.

Enzyme inhibition

  1. Discuss behavior of enzyme under Temp & pH (students can respond from their practical data gathering last classes)
  2. Contrast affect of environment on enzyme activity with "inhibition."
  3. Teach inhibition.
  4. Discuss DCP, CE with remaining time
































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