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38 Photosynthesis (lesson outline)

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Essential Question: 

1.  How do systems maintain balance?

[How does the body detect changes, make changes, and stop changing when the imbalance is corrected?]

Interdisciplinary / TOK links:

 When does something "good" become something "bad?" (or) What problems result from imbalance in systems?

Learning Objectives:

6.1 - 6.6 (see DP Biology Subject)


Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Feb 28

-Mar 4



  • Respiration practical (this lab is being done after last week's Resp. exam)
  • Day 1-students assemble respiration apparatus (gather data next day)


  • Respiration practical day 2
  • Respiration practical day 3
Mar 7-11



INTRODUCTION to photosynthesis

  • Introduce: photosynthesis is a combination of 2 processes:
  • Diagram electron transport chain in mitochondria (parallel to photosynthesis here so this is VERY important

All students do chromatography according to Carolina's "AP Bio #4: Pigments & Photosynthesis:

  • collect chromatography papers and paste in lab book
  • record Rf values for all 4 pigments (note: 1 is at solvent front)
  • attemtp to identify pigments based on Rf values using internet resources.  (note: source must be "relaible" not something like answers.com)

HL students (extra hours): crush geranium leaves in ethanol and use spectrophotometer to experimentally determine maximum absorbance of chlorophyll

(C) coloring for chloroplast, thylakoid system, and RuBC system

(B) complete spectrophotometry


Mar 14-18



Photosynthesis = Light dependent & light independent

B-block student's presentation of light dependent reactions:

Peter Baek

Jane Choi

Hye Soo Kim

Steve Lee

Kylie Reimer

Jennifer Oh





Mar 21-25        

Mar 28-Apr 1


Apr 4-8


Flowchart "How to test a leaf for starch" in lab book




  1. Read Tiger 117-120
  2. Flowchart (in lab book): Instructions for doing leaf disc assay (see instructions as resource on PSOW page of this wiki) 


Review test results (from Photosynthesis exam on Monday)


Re-assign:  Students to make mindmap; 1 map for each page of reading (117-120)

Apr 11-15        




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