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Meena Huh - 2012 - EE

Page history last edited by Meena Huh 13 years, 3 months ago

March 10 2011

Meena is interested in doing something about ripening of fruit.  Tentatively she is going to determine if there is a simple single step reaction to convert ethanol into ethylene gas.  This would enable us to create ethyelene gas on demand to control fruit ripening.

  • Other options
    • Measuring CO2 production as fruit ripen in different temperatures
    • Measure respiration of seeds as they change from catabolism of energy stores to photosynthesizing their own food (using CO2 data logger).  Maybe the produce net gain of CO2 as they respire to make build seedline and then a net loss of CO2 as they begin converting CO2 into organic molecules.
    • Measure germination rate of different temperatures to find optimal temperture for bean germination?


April 28 2011

I am interested in how plants can tell time. Currently, I'm doing some research about the topic, finding a way to quantify my experimental data to illustrate my points. I know that plants show certain behavior at night that's different from day time, and I am thinking of conducting an experiment where I switch the "time" of day and night for plants, controlling their exposure  and see what happens to them. 


  • What do I have to do now?
    • Do some research on the topic
    • Identify a way for me to "quantify" my experiment
    • What are my IV, DV and CVs?
    • Write an introduction for my EE
    • Conduct a dry run
    • Purchase a plant and get it growing!  





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