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Carbon dioxide in atmosphere

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(This practical is taken from Stephen Taylor's "Greenhouse Effect" presentation.)

The Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC) has a huge database of information regarding carbon dioxide measurement.  You can find the information at:  http://cdiac.ornl.gov/trends/co2/sio-keel.html



In this task, first make a prediction.  What do you anticipate finding in the data? 


Open the webpage and make notes on:

  • name of station
  • geographic coordinates
  • period of record
  • type of environment the station is located in


Use a spreadsheet:

  1. Open the digital data page
  2. Select all data for a 5 year interval
  3. Paste into Numbers or Excel
  4. Make adjustments to spreadsheet to make sure all columns and rows are correct
  5. Produce 2 line graphs (presented to meet DCP guidelines)
    1. one graph should be data from one year
    2. second graph should be data from a 5 year span


Look at the graphic for patterns. 

  • Near your annual graph:
    • describe the annual pattern in your data
    • explain the annual pattern in your data
  • Near your 5-year graph:
    • describe the 5-year pattern in your data
    • explain the 5-year pattern in your data


Send your assignment to Mr. Reimer as an email attachment:  B_CO2_name



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