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Science for Classical and IB Schools

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This was originally developed for IB-DP Biology at Gyeonngi Suwon International School.  Since 2022 it has been repurposed to be a venue for sharing learning activities (ie. "labs") on a shoe string (when possible) for Classical schools as well as for DP biology programs.


Turnitin.com      •Practicals     •Grades      •IA rubric     •    •Planning: yr 1; yr 2


 year 1 DP bio             or             year 2 DP bio          or          Option E & Option H


To begin...

Before you do anything else, go to the web-based version of IB's DP Biology subject guide.


  • Study the IB "command terms;" specific words that identify how you should answer a test question. Underline or highlight these terms every tiime you see them - even on tests too!  See here for practice on command terms



Additional subject guides for Group 4:

Chemistry; (link)

Physics; (link)

Environmental Systems and Societies; (pdf)




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