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Frontpage from Smorgasbord of Tools at 21C

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  • Bentleytale

A Smorgasbord of Tools:

One teacher's favorite tools (reimerj@gsis.sc.kr)



Educational role


Examples of Jay's use



Post class pictures, make a website for a special event (see Science Knights), put software students need to download in one location, upload samples of student work for parents to see - all in one place that you design!  Website building software that beginners can use!



(1) Why? Create!

(2) make new page

(3) Navigation overview

(4) Place pictures

(organize text)






Wouldn't it be nice if you could put all your techy (and not so!) lesson plans in one place -then find them next year?  Or tired of lost handouts or questions about assignments? Why not put all your lesson on wikis?  Your administrator can see your planning & alignment, parents can see if kids have assignments, and students can check on lessons and download worksheets, find links, comment to you or each other!



(1) Why? easy!

(2) Making lessons explicity

(3) Share links, sites, documents easily


http://metrology.pbworks.com/ compare to http://dp-biology.wikispaces.com/ see teachers collaborating at http://scienceolympics.pbworks.com/



Show students - or each other - how it works and how to get it done.



  Click the link at left to view a sample Jing, or come to the workshop for a screencasting demonstration.

Cover it Live


Present topics with pre-organization but receive and manage live interaction druing event!






Mind mapping which works in real time!



  Click the link at left to view a screencast demonstrating mind mapping with Omnigraffle.

Inexpensive isp or web host (rated #1)







Inexpensive isp or web host (rated #2)





Sandvox* - The workshop will have a drawing for Sandvox Pro (1 award) during the workshop; but ALL 21C participants are eligible to purchase Sandvox or Sandvox Pro at 40% discount during this Hong Kong Event.  Information on purchasing with the discount will be posted on the event blog and here during Hong Kong @21C.  Or contact jay.reimer@gmail.com


PBworks** - Workshop will  give away 2 free PB  wiki upgrades (for $99.00 USD "Classroom edition" kindness of PBworks.com)  Please email reimerj@gsis.sc.kr if you want to apply for the free wiki:  (1) In the body of your email please explain why you want or how you may benefit from a free wiki upgrade, (2) Tell me what email you want to use to login to your free wiki. You will receive your upgrade by email no later than 6:00 pm Hong Kong time on Saturday.




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